A little bit about Kyntaf

My love for border collies began in 1986 when I managed to talk my parents into allowing me to have a border collie. And so “Tegan” Shezilson Coleraine UD came into my life. Although we had had other family dogs Tegan was the first dog I trained and despite me Tegan gained her CD, CDX and UD obedience titles. She was a strong minded young dog but loved to work and would do anything for me. To this day I still have obedience judges come up to me and comment on the little dark faced girl I had because they just loved her personality.

Five years later when I moved into my own home “Calan” Ch Khayoz Soul Searcher CDX ET came along. He was the dog to keep Tegan and I company, do obedience and maybe a bit of showing. Well what a surprise packet he was as he gained his Aust Champion Show title, CDX in obedience and his ET (Endurance title). He was a multi age in group/show winner and won four classes at Melbourne Royal as well as Puppy in Group. He had a great love for life and everything in it and was a very special dog who to this day is remembered by many in the dog world for his wonderful temperament and zest for life.

Due to the great success with Calan, “Elle” Khayoz On The Catwalk CD joined the K9 family and their first litter produced my beautiful blue boy “Merlin” Kyntaf The Enchanter CDX. I was now totally involved with border collies and all aspects of the dog world.

I have been lucky as although I only show occassionally I had a lot of success with Ch Kyntaf BlessingNDisguise a multi in group winner who has passed on his quality to his children and has produced a Supreme Champion as well as about 10 champion titled progeny from a small number of litters.  Through his progeny he is represented in the conformation ring/agility/obedience world.  His daughter Ch Kyntaf ImaLittle Star went on to produce Ch Kyntaf Walk The Line and I am so proud to have 3 generations of Kyntaf champions.  

My current canine family is:

  • Ch Kyntaf Walk the Line RN 'Cash'
  • Selectabord Justalittle Wicked JD RN 'Kyla'
  • Kyntaf Walking On Sunshine HT 'Yindi'
  • Ch Quinora Love Me If You Dare 'Clooney'
  • Tookurra Diamonds That Sparkle 'Greta'
  • Quinora Do Not Tell A Soul 'Sol'

And a special thanks goes to Linda Quinto (Quinora) for letting Clooney and Sol join the family as part of the team. Also thanks to Paula Wachtel for Greta.  It is a fresh start after some bad luck and we are having fun being back in the show ring and training for agility and obedience/rallyO. 

Further details on the Kyntaf family can be found on the 'My Dogs' page.



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